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Tony Gutierrez

For as long as he can remember, Tony Gutierrez has been a martial arts enthusiast. Tony sought out martial arts schools and practiced just about any style that offered a reasonable price. He did Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kickboxing, and Kung Fu, including Southern Praying Mantis. Because martial arts is a passion, he never really preferred one style over another; the disciplines and techniques he learned added to his cumulative knowledge.

Soon, life took over and Tony spent 15 years in the security industry. He quickly became a leader and trainer of many different security programs. Either as the Defensive Tactics Trainer for an Illinois casino or the Apprehension and Safety Trainer for a large, national retail store, Tony found his calling as an instructor.

Years later, he was delighted to see his children develop a passion for martial arts too. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was taking over the scene and Tony, true to form, needed to ensure he knew what it was all about and stayed on top of it - so he started a media website. became one of the leading local media sites and covered the Chicagoland area for three years. Along with his boys, he trained in MMA at Hackney's Combat Academy (owned by UFC's Keith "The Giant Killer" Hackney) and found out what some of the toughest MMA fighters in the area are like. He also began to create relationships with some of the top gym owners. In true martial arts spirit, he traded coverage and exposure for knowledge. With each new connection, he found that Chicagoland is rich with instructors willing to help and coach him and his boys.

By 2011, Tony began training Jiu Jitsu at New Breed Academy Chicago. In addition, he also pursued the instruction of Master Ace Ramirez with KRU Muay Thai. Realizing that he wanted to get back to coaching and training, Tony was on a mission - not to become a better fighter but - to become a better coach and instructor. He earned his Coach Rank, which is recognized by the KRU Muay Thai Association, and became certified as a Children's Martial Arts Instructor. At the end of 2012, Tony started an after-school program that provided free martial arts and fitness classes at the local grade school. In 2013, he completed the Training for Warriors Instructor Certification. He currently holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

True Prodigy Athletics is the culmination of Tony's dreams as it represents his passion for both martial arts and coaching. It is inspired by his three children. His vision is to have a place where kids can learn and get fit. He offers comprehensive programs that make it convenient for parents as well. It features Muay Thai, which he coins as "The New Karate," and Jiu Jitsu. He hopes the school will attract not only martial arts fans but also sports athletes who want to stay healthy on or off season. He wants to bring it all together and turn today's youth into a TRUE PRODIGY.

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