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We Partnered with REVGEAR

We are excited to announce that we will be working with REVGEAR, which is a martial arts equipment company that not only has a great reputation but also stocks equipment in youth sizes. Beginning in 2019, we are requiring Muay Thai students to have their own gloves and shin guards in order to maximize the following benefits:

  • Teach Prodigies responsibility of bringing and maintaining their own equipment,
  • Keep the gym free of the clutter of loaner gloves,
  • Increase training time as we spend less time looking for equipment, and
  • Help maintain good health and hygiene.

As team members, we are able to extend discounted prices to you! The Muay Thai package includes gloves and shin guards (in your choice of available colors) in a carry-all mesh backpack. Check out the REVGEAR website at for details.

As always, we offer you the flexibility to use your existing gear or purchase equipment elsewhere – but why not take advantage of the below-retail price and/or save on shipping cost too? Take advantage and support TEAM TRUE PRODIGY!

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